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KING ARTHUR by Antoine Fuqua


What’s supposed to be a ‘historically correct’ retelling of Arthur’s tale turns out to be a bloodless and dull experience.
The story is as unconvicing as the stereotypical characters (it takes the knights (knights!?!) almost an hour of pubescent talking just to establish that they are REALLY REALLY TOUGH GUYS), and the acting isn’t exactly what you would call inspiring.
Antoine Fuqua clearly has seen his ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Gladiator’, but it’s a poor man’s vision and totally forgettable.
Keira Knightly does look nice as Guinevere, but that’s about it, and the PG-13 rating didn’t do any good for both her ‘love scene’ with Arthur and the bloodless battles (yes, there are some battles, but this ain’t ‘Gladiator’!)

Note to German readers: you know that Til Schweiger is in it, and in this movie he does another step to cement his Hollywood stereotype: his job is to try very hard to look like a reeeeaaaaally bad guy! evil

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