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Remember Pitch Black? That dirty little Science Fiction Pic that shot Vin Diesel to stardom and is a cult-movie now?
This is supposed to be the next part of bada** killer Riddick, the dangerous man who can see in the dark.
While Riddick was a real anti-hero in Pitch Black, here he’s just not BAD enough – the headhunters and prison guards are easily more evil than him – it’s like Tommy Lee Jones hunting poor old Richard Kimble. The story is full of every possible cliche:
Nazi-like bad guys? check
Threaten the whole universe? check
There is only one man who can save the universe? check
There is a prophecy about this stuff? check
The hero is unwilling to do his job, but then follows his destiny? check
He is the last one of his people? check
In addition you have bad CGI, gigantic plot-holes, cheesy names (NECROMONGERS anyone?), and CG-enhanced fight-scenes cut with a chainsaw.
Still two stars thanks to Vin Diesel, who makes a fine action-hero, but can’t defeat the worst of enemies: a bad script!

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