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THE VILLAGE by M Night Shyamalan


A little village in the woods.
In the woods, there are creatures called “Those We Do Not Speak Of” by the villagers, and there is an uneasy truce – the villagers won’t enter the woods, and the creatures won’t do harm to the village. When Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix) asks permission to cross the woods and get medicine from the city, the tension grows.
(Unfortunately for my viewing pleasure) the notorious big “Shyamalan-twist” was obvious for me five minutes into the movie (just had that strong feeling, won’t spoil it for you here), and i was sure about the “smaller” earlier twist just 15 minutes later.
Expect brilliant acting from Joaquin Phoenix and Bryce Dallas Howard (love interest Ivy, who shows extreme courage in the darkness) and slow pacing (this movie is not for those suffering from attention-deficit-syndrome), some scenes of poetic beauty, some creepy ones, and the occasional jump. About the final twist – when you don’t see it coming, it will either leave you with your jaw wide open, or shaking your head in disbelief.
Only three stars because the twists weren’t any for myself, and because the creatures are … well … actually they are quite rubbish. And you may wonder why they call them “Those We Do Not Speak Of” when they seem unable to speak of anything else.
Go see it yourself!

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