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SILENTIUM by Wolfgang Murnberger

In the second movie based on a book by Wolfgang Haas, ex-cop, ex-paramedic Brenner (Josef Hader) is now working as a store detective – but not for long. Attempting to catch a lady of the Salzburg high-society he is immediately fired. Surprisingly, soon after the incident, same lady, daughter of Salzburg Festival director, and recently widowed, hires Brenner to solve the mystery of her husbands death who allegedly commited suicide.
Soon, Brenner is stumbling right into the shadowland behind the glamor. Child abuse, white slavery and multiple murder await him while he investigates in the influential society circles of the Salzburg Festival and the clergy. Before long, he is wanted for murder himself.
SILENTIUM – latin for SILENCE is the motto of his adversaries, like the omerta of the mafia, and luckily Brenner’s friend, paramedic Berti, is there to help him to survive.

This is not a Hollywood production, but a dirty, gritty movie based in reality, where more than one car-chase is ended right when it starts because Berti’s old car doesn’t start up, or the parking ticket isn’t paid and the bar is not opening (and no, they are not crashing through the bar!). Brenner never beats anybody up (but gets beaten up) and he never uses a gun (but has to dodge some bullets), he ain’t cool but looks like a homeless person, and suffers from a headache throughout the movie.
Nonetheless, the movie may remind you of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction sometimes (Loved Travolta and Jackson talking about quarterpounders on their way to a hit? Hear Brenner explain the origin of Austrian specialties liver loaf and Knackwurst!), but don’t expect the bad guys going to jail or being exploderized comes the finale – remember, they are high-society, and this is real life!

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