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OPEN WATER by Chris Kentis


Planning to go scuba-diving in your next holiday? Watch this movie first, and maybe you’ll decide to go skiing in the alps instead …
Susan (Blanchard Ryan) and Daniel (Daniel Travis), stressed yuppie couple, take a holiday and go scuba-diving to relax. But when they surface from their underwater-trip in the middle of the ocean and their boat is gone, they soon wish they were back at work. They are all alone out there in the deep sea – alone except for the sharks.
The movie starts a bit slow, and even at only 80 minutes running time, there are times when you will ask yourself the same thing as Susan and Daniel – “When will they finally get us out of here!?”
It’s a low-budget movie, and it shows – no glossy shots of the open ocean, no special-effects splatter’n’gore, no rubber sharks (they used real sharks!), and the dialogues could have needed some polishing. The soundtrack actually is quite good when there is any – there’s a lot of silence in this movie.
Best watched when planning a scuba-diving trip, having sharkphobia and a long attention-span!

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