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It starts where The Bourne Identity ended – Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) and Marie (Franka Potente) are hiding in Goa (India), and Jason still doesn’t know who exactly he is. But he hasn’t lost his instincts and abilities. When he senses he’s been discovered, Jason goes into action-mode – he told them to leave him alone!
This is a full-out action movie for the boys – there is no place for romance (Marie doesn’t survive long enough to see Jason in full gear). There are no funny one-liners, no ironic references, no Matrix-style fight sequences. What you get is fast, gritty, sometimes brutal, pure action. The plot involving a traitor in the CIA, stolen CIA-money, russian capitalists and “Operation Treadstone” isn’t important – it just sets the stage for narrow escapes, bloody hand-to-hand combat, and a great car chase through Moscow – the pictures are grainy, dark, and shaky (some people complained about getting headaches and nausea watching it), and the editing is really fast – blink and you may miss a scene or two.
This movie is for you if you love your action fast and honest – without all the CGI and “funny” references most of today’s action movies are full of!

The Bourne Supremacy movie trailer

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