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C ( R ) OOK by Pepe Danquart

A movie about cooking and killing.
Cook and Mafia-hitman Oskar is back from prison, has a new girlfriend who demands ‘no more violence’, one last job to do, and he’s planning to publish a book with the title Secréts. The godfather of the Russian Mafia in Vienna is not amused when he learns his ever-loyal henchman is obviously about to reveal the secrets of the organized crime.

A German/Austrian production clearly aiming for the German mass-market and therefore ditching the typical Viennese dialect (which is hardly understood outside of Austria and Bavaria) in favour of plain German, it also throws away the famous Viennese charme (the movie could take place anywhere in Germany) and much of the voice-talents of Austrian cabaret artists and actors Josef Hader and Roland Düringer (who still had to be subtitled for Germany). The movie bristles with scurrile characters and ideas and even boasts a tarantino-esque finale (a real rarity for a German/Austrian movie!), but ultimately it fails to really engage.

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