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An animation movie not strictly for the kids (rated PG in the USA for action violence), it tells the story of Mr. Incredible (secret identity Bob Parr), his wife Elastigirl (Helen Parr) and their kids Violet, ‘Dash’, and baby Jack Jack. Once famous superheros, they are now forced to live a ‘normal’ life due to damage claims for ‘collateral damage’. (For example a wannabe-suicider sues Mr. Incredible when he gets hurt during the rescue – doesn’t that sound somehow realistic? wink)
‘Normal life’ is frustrating for Mr. Incredible – a dull job at a greedy insurance company where he isn’t allowed to do what he loves most – helping people, rebellious teenage-kids, and the odd secret rescue-mission with old superhero buddy Frozone.
But when he gets fired from his office job, he gets the chance to work for a secret agency doing the stuff he really likes (like battling a giant battle-robot) and even getting paid better. Here comes the new flashy car, workout, and the occasional blonde hair on his clothes (from sexy Mirage, his contact at the agency) – and suspicion from Elastigirl, who thinks he’s still jobbing at the insurance and doing business trips …
And then the action starts – like James Bond (nasty villain in secret volcano-base, high-tech gadgets, and Bond-like soundtrack included) on steroids – when Mr. Incredible and family fight to save the world from nutjob Syndrome.
The introduction of the characters may feel slow for people used to modern action-movies, but that’s what distinguishes this movie from them – it takes time to make you care for the characters, and during the exciting action-scenes you might just forget this is just an animation-movie. And for the guys – i’ve already seen discussions on the net who is hotter – Elastigirl or Mirage kiss
Verdict: Incredible!

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