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Near the end of the Tang-Dynasty, two police deputies (Jin and Leo) are instructed to catch the new leader of rebel group “The Flying Daggers”. Blind dancer Mei (Zhang Ziyi) is suspected to be the daughter of the old rebel-leader, and Jin goes undercover, frees her from prison and escapes with her, Leo and his soldiers on her trail. The plan is to let Mei lead them to the leader of the Flying Daggers, but soon, Jin and Mei are falling in love, and nobody really is who they seem to be.

Don’t let the advertising fool you into thinking this is an all-action Hongkong movie – it’s mainly a beautifully filmed, colourful love story with some martial arts and swordfight action scenes. There is the impressive opening action sequence where blind dancer Mei is hitting the drums with her long purple sleeves, the trademark fight in the bamboo forest (filmed with acrobats from the Chinese circus) with a climax that spectacularily shows why the rebels call themselves the Flying Daggers, and the final duel in the snow where the destiny of the three main characters will be fulfilled. You may feel cheated though to miss the battle between the province general’s army and the Flying Daggers which occurs in the off while the camera sticks to it’s main characters.

If you go to see this film for the action, you will be disappointed, but if you watch it for the visual experience, you will be delighted!

House Of Flying Daggers Movie Trailer

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