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MEET THE FOCKERS (Meet The Parents 2) by Jay Roach


Do you know this situation when there is a family reunion or friends of your parents are invited and your parents dig out that ‘cute’ stories from when you were a child? Only that those stories are not really cute – they are plainly embarrassing. Then relax – because you are not alone!

Specialist for embarrassing moments Ben Stiller is back as male nurse Gaylord Focker, within Jack Byrnes’ (Robert De Niro) ‘Circle Of Trust’ after ‘Meet The Parents’, still engaged to Jack’s daughter Pamela Martha Byrnes (soon Pamela Martha Focker) after all the trouble, and it’s time for the Byrnes’ to meet Gaylords parents – the Fockers (Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand).
Gaylord still doesn’t feel very comfortable around Jack, and despite being within Jack’s ‘Circle Of Trust’, there are a few things he’s not eager to reveal the whole truth about. The exact profession of his ‘physician’ mother Roz – actually a sex therapist for elderly people, or of his ‘lawyer’ father Bernie – who hasn’t practiced since ever and is handling the household, and some other trivia – like Pam being pregnant.
After a strangely pleasant trip to the Byrnes’, the young couple, Pam’s little nephew ‘Little Jack’ and Pam’s parents head off in ‘Captain Jack’s’ brand new motorhome (hidden functions included) to finally meet the Fockers …

What follows is a culture-clash comedy – uptight ex-CIA agent Robert De Niro in the land of still-Hippies Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, with Ben Stiller and Pamela caught in the middle, trying in vain to avoid embarrassment. Mixed-in is – of course – a series of sexual references not only in regards to Ben Stiller’s surname, but also to things like his first sexual experiences …

When you know ‘Meet The Parents’ (or any Ben Stiller-movie) you know what you will get, and you will not be disappointed – not a great movie on it’s own, but hugely entertaining and with a great cast having great fun and inviting you to join!

Check out some special features – don’t miss the flash game ‘Eyes On The Road, Focker!’, and the hugely embarassing ‘Wall Of Gaylord’ from the movie.

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