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Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) has become too famous to do any more undercover-work for the FBI after the events in ‘Miss Congeniality’, so she is given the choice to be the new ‘Face of the FBI’ and do public relations, or to take a desktop-job. She opts for being the ‘Face of the FBI’, gets her personal beauty-team and totally goes for it. If you want to be a star, you gotta behave like a star, treat your friends like a star, treat yourself like a star – and soon you will be a star. Gracie gets stylish, publishes a book and does PR. When her friend from ‘Miss Congeniality’ – Miss America Cheryl (Heather Burns) and Captain Kirk …. aaahh, wrong movie – Stan Fields (William Shatner) get kidnapped, she even gets her own bodyguard to protect her from her fans – Sam Fuller (Regina King), who does have a problem to control her aggressions. Off they go to Las Vegas to do the PR-work for the FBI for the kidnapping case – and for some unofficial investigations …

This movie clearly has its problems. Sandra Bullock transforms into a bitchy fashion-dummy too fast and easily and for far too long (we want to like Sandy, not watch her having a personality crises!!), Michael Caine’s character from Part I is painfully missing, it’s all a bit slow and not as funny as Part I.
The movie only really kicks in in the last 20 minutes when Gracie finally re-discovers her true, tomboyish self which we love, but the chemistry between Sandy Bullock and Regina King is great throughout the whole movie – and hey – this is a Sandra Bullock-movie – she can do whatever she wants and we still love her! Smile

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