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A LOT LIKE LOVE by Nigel Cole


When Oliver met Emily …. Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) finished school 6 months ago, doesn’t have a job or a girlfriend and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. On the airport he watches Emily (Amanda Peet) terminating her relationship but is too shy to talk to her. She lays him on the airplane toilet, and that’s it for her. Oliver wants more, but Emily is not impressed – at least he gets her to accept his parent’s phone number and a bet – she shall call him again in six years to check if he has a career, a car and a wife.
A couple years later – it’s New Year’s Eve and Emily has just ended another relationship, she calls him out of desperation because she can’t find another date for the party. It’s the first of several short reunions for the coming years. Will they find out in time – before any of them gets married to somebody else – that they are destined for each other?

Of course they will – this is a romantic movie, right?
It obviously tries to be an update of 1989’s ‘When Harry met Sally’, but it sadly fails. The lack of esprit, funny gags, witty dialogue and chemistry between the lead actors makes for a bland watching experience. The quite limited acting skills of Ashton Kutcher don’t help either – he’s always the same, no matter if just out of school, dotcom entrepreneur or bankrupt ex-entrepreneur. Amanda Peet does better (and looks beautiful while doing so) – but why Emily would want to be with Oliver will always remain the secret of the screenwriter ….
Not the ideal date-movie – it might turn your girl-/boyfriend off!

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