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THE DESCENT by Neil Marshall

blood blood blood blood

One year after Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) has lost her daughter in a car accident, she goes on a caving trip with five friends. The cave in the Appalachian mountains should be an easy one, but after a cave-in it turns out thrill-seeking Juno (Natalie Jackson Mendoza) has lead them to another, uncharted cave. And nobody knows where the six girls are. There is only one way to go – forward, to find another exit from the cave before the batteries run out.
Claustrophobia, abysms and accidents don’t stop them, but the tension rises – none of them knows if there is another way out of the cave. And then Sarah claims she has seen somebody – or something – in the dark labyrinth.
The others don’t believe her, but then they come – pale, blind creatures, vaguely human. And they are hunters – and will kill anything or anybody for food that moves and makes sounds. The girls get separated and run through the darkness. Is there an exit from the cave? And if there is – how many of them will make it to the exit?

Another British horror movie by Neil Marshall after DOG SOLDIERS – and Marshall keeps the promise given with his first film. There is enough blood and gore to keep the hardcore horror fans happy, there are the bad omens you’d expect from a horror movie (a deer with dubious cause of death near the cave, bats, bloody clawmarks) and the traditional storyline – a group of friends goes to a remote place, nobody knows where they are, and suddenly there is no way out. There are the jumps and thrills you’d expect. There are monsters – imagine dozens of hungry Gollums from LORD OF THE RINGS on speed. Without his “good” side.
And there is more – Sarah has not recovered from the death of her daughter and keeps dreaming (or having visions) about her and her death – it’s as if she is waiting for Sarah over there. And there is more than one descent – one into the cave and the dark – and another one into insanity – or screaming madness. The more experienced girls of the group know what lurks in the darkness of a cave – imaginary sounds, claustrophobia, and hallucinations – same things as you can find in the darkness of somebody’s mind. How much of what you see is real? And how much is going on in Sarah’s imagination? Fasten your seatbelts, grab the hand of your girlfriend/boyfriend, start a trip into darkness and make up your own mind!

The Descent Movie Trailer

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