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MIAMI VICE by Michael Mann


Sonny Crocket (Colin Farrell with mullet) and Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) go undercover to nail a drug dealer and murderer. They introduce themselves as specialists for transporting hot cargo, Sonny shags the drugloard’s broad (Li Gong) and helps her to escape both her former associates and the law when it all ends in a final shootout.

A lot of talking shall probably trick the audience into thinking there is a sophisticated plot somewhere beneath the talking and the glittering neon-lights. And the wobbly camerawork (this is already getting old) shall convey an air of authencity. What the audience is left with are “cool” guys driving cool cars, boats and planes and wielding cool guns, preferrably at night with some neon-lights illuminating the scene – and lots of talking that doesn’t make much sense.
There is no chemistry at all between the lead actors, Colin Farrell (and his mullet) and Jamie Foxx hardly talking to each other, both of their romances only there to show some nudity and not much else.

A movie for “cool” people only.

Scenes from Miami Vice:

Miami Vice - Blue Ocean - Blue Sky - Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx ignore each other   Miami Vice -  Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx ignore each other   Miami Vice - Neon Lights - Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx ignore each other   Weapons. Lots of Weapons. Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx ignore each other 

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