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YOU, ME AND DUPREE by Anthony and Joe Russo


Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson) is 36, immature, and after taking a week vacation to attend his best friend’s wedding, he is without a job, without money and without a place to live. So said best friend Carl Peterson (Matt Dillon) and his wife Molly Thompson (Kate Hudson – cute!) let him stay in their living-room “for a couple days”. But Dupree is not very eager to get a new job – his philosophy is he “doesn’t live to work, but works to live”. And while Carl gets more and more commited to his job and has to deal with the hostility of his boss and father-in-law Mr. Thompson (Michael Douglas), Randy floods the bathrooms (both of them), orders pay-TV for Carl and Molly (and himself), invites his friends into their house, changes the message on the answering machine and sets their couch on fire.
But Dupree can be a real charmer when he wants to, and he and Molly get along great while Carl works overtime for Molly’s father and has to deal with Mr. Thompson’s suggestions to change his name to Thompson (or at least to Peterson-Thompson), or getting a vasectomy, and with Mr. Thompson taking over and ruining Carl’s dream project.
And when Carl suspects Dupree to lust after Molly, he freaks out …

It’s Owen Wilson-comedy time, and there are the blocked toilet- and naked arse-gags you would expect, and Owen Wilson does his chaotic-but-likeable stuff, but there is more to You, Me and Dupree than gross humor. Unusual for this type of comedy, there is some real character development going on, and you can even read some meaning into the movie (if you really want to).
But most important is you have a bunch of actors having lots of fun and inviting the audience to do the same.
Will there be wanking gags? Yes. Will it be cheesy? Yes, sometimes. Will it be stupid? Of course! Will you be entertained? Definitly, except when you don’t like Owen Wilson – or you are out of touch with your “-ness”!

You, Me And Dupree Movie Trailer

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