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CLICK by Frank Coraci

adam sandler adam sandler adam sandler adam sandler

Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is married to gorgeous Donna (Kate Beckinsale – she’s absolutely and definitly very), has two cute kids (they are really cute, not annoyingly cute like most kids in movies) and a dog who is in love with a stuffed animal. Michael loves his family, and his family loves him – everything could be perfect. But there is Michael’s job – he is working hard for Ammer (David Hasselhoff) and hopes to get a promotion soon. Immersed in work, Michael loses patience for life’s daily nuisances – traffic jams, fights with Donna, and too many remote controls. When the strange Morty (Christopher Walken) offers him an “universal remote control”, Michael’s problems seem to be solved – he can fast-forward through traffic-jams, put people on pause or turn down the volume, skip fights with his wife or dinner with his parents, watch a female jogger’s breasts bounce in slo-mo and even fast-forward his life to the point where he finally gets his promotion. But when he realizes he’s missing out on life, another feature of the universal remote kicks in – it’s able to learn from it’s user’s behavior and Michael gets fast-forwarded further and further, losing years of his life in a blink. And Morty, who is really the Angel Of Death, won’t take back the remote which has taken over Michael’s life.

You get what you expect from an Adam Sandler-movie – CLICK ain’t shy to fall back on randy dog- or fart-gags, and the gags come fast and plenty and usually hit the mark. But it’s not an all-out laugh-fest. The cherry on the cake is the moving parable of a man who turns into a workaholic, walks through his private life on auto-pilot (quite literally) and realizes too late what’s really important in life, all of which can happen and does happen to too many people and doesn’t require an “universal remote”.
The plot is predictable and hardly original, and so is the message of the movie, but nonetheless CLICK manages to be emotionally engaging. It’s either the story to which you can easily connect, or it’s Adam Sandler himself who makes it work. The supporting actors (Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, Sean Astin) are cast perfectly and bring their characters to life, but CLICK rests definitly on the shoulders of Adam Sandler – and he stems it easily and with grace.
Laughter and teary eyes guaranteed, miss only if you hate Adam Sandler!

Kate Beckinsale in CLICK:

Kate Beckinsale - Click  Kate Beckinsale in CLICK  Kate Beckinsale in CLICK 

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CLICK Movie Trailer

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