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AINOA by Marco Kalantari


Ainoa - Verena Buratti
Ainoa (Verena Buratti) is an android programmed by genius Dr. Kerensky (Anton Nouri) to control the great atomic war from the future. Dr. Kerensky realizes too late that he will be responsible for the death of five billion people and goes underground so his descendents can survive and correct his mistake. His great-grandson Yuri (Simon Licht) shall fulfill Dr. Kerensky’s “prophecy” – he is the one who shall rescue Ainoa from captivity and change history to avoid the great war and the downfall of mankind.

An epic Austrian science fiction-faerytale? Sounds like a stretch. And without doubt, Ainoa was filmed with more passion and love for the film than money, and it took five years to bring Ainoa to the screen.
Don’t let the trailer fool you into thinking Ainoa is an action-adventure a la Star Wars, even if there are some things that are redolent of the science fiction classic. The Sunfather (Florentin Groll) is more than just “inspired by” Emperor Palpatine in Return Of The Jedi, and watching the film you might feel like the great Sir Alec Guinness, who reportedly had no clue what he was doing, what was going on and what was the meaning of his lines when filming Star Wars. The director, Marco Kalantari, may have noticed his failure to convey the story to the audience, but heavy written exposition at the beginning of the film doesn’t help and you still feel left out when the characters talk about locations and events you just can’t relate to.
On the plus side, Ainoa is beautifully photographed and offers a poetic journey of an android-girl slowly discovering herself, her human side and finally love, and thoughts about destiny and eternal love through time.
While i usually think it’s best to see a movie without knowing too much about it, in this special case i recommend to carefully check out the Ainoa website before seeing the film. It offers a lot of background information to locations, events and characters and will make it a lot easier to enter the world of Ainoa.

Ainoa Trailer

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