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When New Yorker everyman Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) picks up wallflower Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) he has no idea that she is really female superhero G-Girl. After she reveals her secret identity to him, she makes him swear an oath: “I’d rather have a chainsaw shoved up my ass than tell.”
But Matt not only leaves Jenny after finally realizing he really loves co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris), he also can’t resist to tell his best friend Vaughn (Rainn Wilson) that he had sex with G-Girl.
The already emotionally unstable Super-Ex Girlfriend is furious about being dumped and about Matt giving away her secret, and she promises to make him suffer. And G-Girl does what Superman would never do – she uses her superhuman powers to take horrible revenge. Professor Badlam (Eddie Izzard), G-Girls archfiend, offers his help – he has found a way to rob G-Girl of her powers, and he needs Matt to lure her into a trap. After G-Girl has thrown a shark into his apartment, put his car into orbit and disgraced him at work, it looks like a good idea for Matt to help take her powers away from her, at least after Professor Badlam promises to retire from his criminal activities as soon as G-Girl lost her superpowers.

The concept is great, of course (why didn’t anybody make a film about this before?), and Uma Thurman is evidentially a good avenger (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2), and it’s her and Rainn Wilson who deliver the best parts, while Matt could be played just as well by anybody from Tim Allen to Tom Arnold, Anna Faris is just a cute blonde, and Eddie Izzard is definitly no Lex Luthor.
The problem is that this is one of the movies where all the good parts are already packed into the trailer and the rest of the film doesn’t have enough substance to excite. It’s mildly entertaining, but not more than that.

My Super-Ex Girlfriend Movie Trailer

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