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starhalle berry
halle berry and bruce willis in PERFECT STRANGER Investigative reporter Rowena Price (Halle Berry) goes undercover as a temp in Harrison Hill’s (Bruce Willis) ad agency to find proof he murdered her childhood friend Grace (Nicki Aycox). Rowena has met Grace just a week before she was found dead, and Grace told her about Harrison – she got to know him in an online chat, met him in person, spent a hot weekend with him – and then the married Harrison stopped answering her emails. And Grace was in the mood to show their explicit email conversations to Harrison’s wife Mia (Paula Miranda) in case he kept refusing contact. Supporting Rowena is research man and computer wizard Miles (Giovanni Ribisi), who seems to be not only permanently drunk and bleary-eyed, but also has an obvious and creepy crush on her.

Perfect Stranger wants to be an erotic thriller with twists and turns to let the audience guess, and with one killer twist in the end. But, alas, Perfect Stranger is neither erotic nor thrilling, and the twists are predictable – except the final one, but then you have long stopped caring (if you ever did) for the cut and dried characters who remain as distant as a casual online-acquaintance. And it’s more a cheat then a real twist anyway.
Just in case you are considering to watch Perfect Stranger because of the rumored Halle Berry nude scenes – there are none. Halle is gorgeous, but all you get to see is her bare back, so don’t fall for the hype!

Halle Berry  Halle Berry 

Halle Berry in Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger trailer

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  1. itsvery Movie Review Blog - Independent Film Reviews » LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD by Len Wiseman Says:

    […] If Live Free Or Die Hard, also known as Die Hard 4.0 would be a B-movie, it would probably be titled Dirty Bruce vs. Ninja Karate Hackers. It’s Bruce Willis/John McClane as we know him – dirty, bruised and bleeding, fighting alone against a bunch of goons led by a mad terrorist with a mission. Only this time, he doesn’t have to save just a building (Die Hard), an airport (Die Hard 2 – Die Harder) or a city (Die Hard with a Vengeance) – this time the good ole’ United States are at stake. And instead of now-ex wife Holly (portrayed by Bonnie Bedelia in Die Hard 1, 2 and 3) the family member in peril is daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead – sexy and tough) this time. Did i say John McClane fights alone? Well, not totally alone – he has a bit of help from Matt Farrell (Justin Long). Computer nerds don’t seem to make good movie characters (Hugh Jackman: a bit ridiculous in Swordfish; Sandra Bullock: a bit dull in The Net; everybody in Perfect Stranger: ouch!; …), but Justin Long ain’t too bad, though he is no Reginald VelJohnson (Sgt. Al Powell from the original Die Hard). And Kevin Smith as “Warlock” in his “command center” is the exception from the rule. John McClane looks at a lifesized Boba Fett figure in the Warlock’s “command center” The Warlock: Oh… so you’re a fan of the Fett? John McClane: No, I was always a fan of Star Wars… Live Free Or Die Hard is by no means enlightening, insightful, original or artistically valuable – but it’s a popcorn-movie in the best sense of the word, with enough action, fights, chases and explosions to keep you entertained enough to forget the sillyness of it all – and that’s quite an achievement! […]

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