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SHREK THE THIRD by Chris Miller


The king of Far Far Away has died, and Shrek and Fiona are next in succession to the Throne. But Shrek doesn’t want to be king – he wants to live in his swamp with Fiona. There is only one way for Shrek to avoid becoming king – he must find the king’s nephew Arthur, convince him to become king and bring him to Far Far Away. Shrek embarks a ship with Donkey and Puss in Boots, determined to find Arthur.
But there is one person who really wants to be king of Far Far Away – the evil Prince Charming takes advantage of Shrek’s absence, takes Far Far Away by force and imprisons Fiona and her friends. And he plans to kill Shrek when he returns from his quest. Now it’s up to Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots and young Arthur to save the day.

Another third part (or “threequel” as it’s called meanwhile) this year, and just like the other two big “threequels” (Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) Shrek the Third doesn’t match his predecessors.
Shrek the Third is technically brilliant, the animation is top notch, but everything that made Shrek so brilliant is gone. The plot is neither original nor very exciting, the pacing slow, character development nonexistent, important supporting characters (Puss in Boots, Donkey, the Dragon) underused, comic and action highlights sadly missing, and some characters (e.g. Merlin) are plainly annoying.
Two stars for the animation, and one Puss in Boots as benefit of the doubt (because i’ve watched it dubbed in German and it seems there was quite something Lost in Translation).

Artie (gives motivational speech): “… the only person stopping you… is YOU!” *points randomly*
Guy he’s pointing to: “ME?”
Everyone: “GET HIM LADS!!!”

Shrek the Third movie trailer

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