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RUSH HOUR 3 by Brett Ratner


Nostalgia enhanced the rating of this film.

Exciting, well choreographed fights, astounding, gravity-defying stunts, lots of fun and a thin story that is just an excuse for Jackie Chan delivering all this, that’s what you expect from a Jackie Chan movie. But all you get in Rush Hour 3 is the lame plot. The Triads are out there, Jackie has to protect the Ambassador (Tzi Ma) and his daughter (Zhang Jingchu), The Man Who Ruined The Fifth Element (TM) Chris Tucker is there, and the hidden bad guy is the one you suspect of being the bad guy the instant you see him first. Jackie and Chris Tucker save the girl and catch the bad guy.

Unfortunately, the jokes are as lame as the plot and at the very best mildly amusing, and it doesn’t help that they suffer from the same problem as Jackie himself – they are getting old. (Example? Compare the trailer below with this George Bush video.)
There are not as many stunt-scenes as you are used to from Jackie Chan films, and they are slower, less original and not as exciting as they used to be. Of course, Jackie isn’t in his twenties anymore (and not in his thirties or fourties either), but the problem is that Jackie Chan isn’t a great actor, he’s a great action star, and when there is no good acting in a movie, no noteworthy plot, and only lame jokes, what’s left when the main attraction is not delivering the punches anymore? There’s only an absolutely charming guy and a lot of nostalgia – not enough for a good movie.

chris tucker and jackie chan in rush hour 3
“What? They made another Rush Hour-movie? Oh noooooooooooooooooo!!”

RUSH HOUR 3 Movie Trailer

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