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KNOCKED UP by Judd Apatow


Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) celebrates her promotion with her sister Debbie (Leslie Mann), has one drink too much and spends the night with by slacker Ben Stone (Seth Rogen). She doesn’t expect to ever see him again, but after eight weeks she finds out she’s pregnant and calls Ben. He’s as shocked as Alison but promises to stand up to his responsibility. They try to build a relationship, but Alison is a career-minded woman, and Ben lives from what’s left of smart money, doesn’t have a job and lives with a couple friends. Their business plan is to build a website with a database of movie nude scenes, but usually they just hang around and get high.
What bothers Alison even more is watching her sister’s troubled marital life with Pete (Paul Rudd, who does a mighty impressive Robert De Niro impersonation) so she decides to split up with Ben.

As simple as it may be (boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl), it’s easily the funniest rom-com of the year. The jokes keep coming and rarely ever miss, without falling back on gross-out, and even tiny supporting roles (Harold Ramis as Ben’s dad, Craig Robinson’s doorman) are well cast, finely crafted – and hilariously funny.
Like a good comedy should, Knocked Up is more than only funny. It’s a coming-of-age story of two men (Ben and Pete), one already married but not yet ‘getting it’, the other one just learning what responsibility means, and female viewers take note: in 129 entertaining minutes you can probably learn more about how guys tick and what makes them withdraw from a relationship than from a Cosmopolitan 2-year subscription.
From the social point of view it’s interesting that Knocked Up represents a conservative, almost antiquated attitude (abortion is a no-no, the man who impregnates the girl does ‘what a man has to do’ and proposes to her even though they hardly know each other and are a bad fit) as if the Sixties never happened, and still – or hence – is a huge box office success.
The comeback of morality and integrity? Or is today’s fun-, thrill- and pleasure-seeking audience too busy with having a good laugh and staring at Katherine Heigl to even notice?

Seth Rogen in Knocked Up  Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up 
Seth Rogen and Harold Ramis in Knocked Up  Katherine Heigl, Leslie Mann, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd in Knocked Up 

Knocked Up movie trailer

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