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SUPERBAD by Greg Mottola


Seth (Jonah Hill) and his friend Evan (Michael Cera) are two very unpopular kids at high school, and Seth’s primary concern is to get laid before going to college because he’s convinced that college girls like men with experience. Evan is the shy type and hanging out with Seth mostly because he hasn’t got any other friends, so he tolerates Seth’s obsession for internet porn sites and sex talk. But Evan is looking for real love. The object of his desire is Becca (Martha MacIsaac), but she seems to be out of his league. And Seth has got the hots for Jules (Emma Stone), one of the popular girls, also hopelessly outclassed.
Seth and Evan are never invited to the parties of the popular kids, but now they have a plan. Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), probably the only guy less popular than them has got a fake ID with the impossible name “McLovin” on it and an age of 25. With this fake ID, they hope they can buy alcohol, and they are invitied to Jules’ party when they promise Jules and Becca to bring drinks.
But the liquor store gets robbed and Fogell knocked out in the process, and then Officer Slater (Bill Hader) and Officer Michaels (Seth Rogen) turn up to investigate. Seth and Evan hit the road and embark upon an odyssee to get some alcohol and then make it to the party, while “McLovin” starts his own journey with the two cops.

Superbad features all the classic ingredients of the gross out high school comedy – dirty talking, underage drinking, drugs, geeks being tortured by jocks, parties, dick jokes and bodily fluids – you name it, without being gross or derivative. The plot seems all-to familiar, just like American Pie or dozens of other high school-comedies, but Superbad is anything but a cheap copy. It’s fresh, original and appealing, and it feels oh so real – probably it’s no coincidence that writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg named the main characters after themselves – and it’s hilariously funny.
The humiliations and the beatings Seth has to undergo before his catharsis are insane, but it’s Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse’s adventures with Bill Hader and Seth Rogen (the best cop duo since Rosewood and Taggert from Beverly Hills Cop) that stand out.
If American Pie is the mother of all high school-comedies, then Superbad is the daddy. And it’s bona fide bad-ass.

Superbad Movie Trailer

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