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WANTED by Timur Bekmambetov


Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) has a lousy job, an insufferable boss, lives in a run-down flat, and his girlfriend is sleeping with his best friend. All that changes when he meets Fox (Angelina Jolie), who tells him that his father who left the family when Wesley was one week old was a member of the Fraternity, an ancient secret organization of assassins, and that he was killed the day before. Fox introduces Wesley to the leader of the Fraternity, Sloan (Morgan Freeman) and tells him he has the same skills as his father and that only he can kill his murderer. Wesley receives a crash course in fighting and shooting around the corner, and he learns about the history of the Fraternity and about the Loom of Fate. This Loom of Fate produces the names of those who have to die for the greater public good, Sloan decodes and interprets the Loom’s orders, and assassins like Fox – and now Wesley – execute the sentences of death.

Wanted has a really good start with James McAvoy as the frustrated accountant, reminiscent of cult movie Office Space. That’s fun to watch, and then hot Angelina Jolie shows up, which is always a big plus.
Then there is a load of bullet-time which is getting a bit old now, but if you enjoyed and can’t get enough of The Matrix you can take that and you will also enjoy Timur Bekmambetov’s (Night Watch/Day Watch) trademark cool&crazy action sequences. But the big question is: Can you handle the bollocks that is the Loom of Doom ©? Which is a magic loom in a secret room that produces flawed fabric, and the errors in the weaving are a binary code that when deciphered proclaims the names of targets fate wants to be offed – which was discovered by some weavers a thousand years ago? Hopefully, it never produces the name John Smith, or worse, Wen Chen … but conveniently, the designated targets seem to be easy to identify and locate. If you are not annoyed by that Loom business, and if you can swallow plot holes larger than the moon and the “twist” that you can see coming at least half an hour in advance if only there is enough slo-mo action and Angelina Jolie, then get yourself a beer (or two) and enjoy the mayhem on the screen. But if the Loom of Doom © is nuking the fridge for you, then you have been warned!

Wanted - Angelina Jolie as assassin Fox  Wanted - James McAvoy, d Morgan Freeman and the Loom of Fate 

Wanted Movie Trailer

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  1. admin Says:

    Here is a scene from the movie OFFICE SPACE – if you ever worked in an office and got frustrated by it, then you will understand.

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