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DER KNOCHENMANN (THE BONE MAN) by Wolfgang Murnberger


And again something has happened in Austria. In the third film (after Silentium and Komm, suesser Tod) based on a novel by Wolf Haas laconic private eye Simon Brenner (Josef Hader) has to solve a case of murder, prostitution, eastern european gangsters, blackmail, missing persons, fried chickens and a sinister bone-grinding machine. And love, because it was love that started everything.
Just like Brenner’s latest case, the film is mixed of lots of tasty ingredients – suspense, violence, gore, love, a faithful depiction of Austria and it’s rural population, romance and lots of black humor.

Unfortunately, an international distribution seems unlikely (and the question remains if and how the movie would work when dubbed in a foreign language). Which is a pity, because Der Knochenmann is Austria’s response to the Coen Brothers Fargo.

Brenner: “You can’t pay me as much as you’re stupid.”

Josef Hader is detective Brenner in The Bone Man  Birgit Minichmayr and Josef Hader in The Bone Man (Der Knochenmann) 

Der Knochenmann Movie Trailer

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