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STATE OF PLAY by Kevin Macdonald


state of play - embitterment level - disappointment level
Cal McAffrey (Russel Crowe), an old-fashioned journalist, and Della Frye (Rachel McAdams), his blogger-colleague, are investigating for a story about a double murder. They discover the murders are linked to the death of Sonia Baker (Maria Thayer), a staff member – and lover – of congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) who is an old friend of McAffrey. Collins is leading an investigation against PointCorp, a defense contractor providing mercenaries, security and training in “advanced interrogation” for the Pentagon and the police, and Sonia was his lead researcher in this hearings. Billions of dollars are at stake, and everybody who is poking his nose to deep into the case is risking his life.

State of Play is as old-fashioned as it’s lead Cal McAffrey – which means it comes with a solid plot, characterisation and suspense instead of wobbly-cams and explosions. There is some violence and action, but not for the sake of it but because it is part of the story. The script is sharp, thought-out, highly relevant and gives the actors something to work with.
Not your blockbuster movie of the week, but so much the better!

Ben Affleck and Russel Crowe in State Of Play  Rachel McAdams - State Of Play 

State of Play movie trailer

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