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THE PROPOSAL by Anne Fletcher


state of play - embitterment level - disappointment level
Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is executive editor-in-chief of a book publishing company and the kind of boss referred to by her staff as “it” or “the witch”. That includes her personal assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) whom she coerces into marrying her when she faces deportation to Canada. When the authorities investigate if their engagement is fraudulent, Margaret is forced to accompany Andrew to Alaska, where they visit his family to celebrate grandma Annie’s (Betty White) 90th birthday.

Of course you see it coming – the career woman from the big city who seems to have no heart falls in love with Andrew and his family and discovers family values and true love. Absolutely no surprises here, but the journey is the reward in romantic comedies of this kind. And everybody loves Sandra Bullock and “Golden Girl” Betty White. So who cares that we have seen this before, as long as the lead characters are likeable and the support cast provides enough laughs – especially Ramone (Oscar Nuñez), a very busy inhabitant of Sitka, Alaska.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds - The Proposal  Sandra Bullock with Golden Girl Betty White 

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