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THE UGLY TRUTH by Robert Luketic


the ugly truth - embitterment level - disappointment level
TV-Producer Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is the kind of control-freak who runs background-checks on her dates and has a check-list that any potential suitor has to match point for point. Because the viewing rates of her show are dwindling, her boss hires Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) from local TV show The Ugly Truth. Mike is a man’s man, 100 percent macho, and dishes out in his show what he thinks men really think about and want from women, and what men really think about relationships and romance. It’s hate at first sight, but nonetheless Abby accepts Mike’s advice how to woo her new neighbour who seems to be the perfect man – on the condition that he quits should his tutelage fail.

So far, so typical rom-com – of course you expect them to eventuelly fall in love and end up together. It’s the way that counts, and at least until the final act it’s a pleasure to watch the two leads prancing around each other in a kind of twisted Cyrano de Bergerac– or My Fair Lady-way, Mike not training his apprentice Abby in romance and manners but the opposite. Thanks to it’s bluntness without falling back on fart-gags and toilet-jokes The Ugly Truth is the perfect date-movie for adults who have long waited for a rom-com not produced exclusively for the teenage-market. And did i mention Katherine Heigl looks gorgeous?

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler  The Ugly Truth - Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl 

The Ugly Truth movie trailer

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