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KNIGHT AND DAY by James Mangold


knight and day - embitterment level - disappointment level
Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) “accidentally” bumps into June Havens (Cameron Diaz) on the airport, and drags her into his life as a super-spy who either wants to protect the ultimate energy-source from the bad guys or may have gone rogue and wants to sell it himself. All of a sudden June’s life is all plane crashes, car- and motorcycle-chases, running, shooting, fighting, getting kidnapped and drugged, explosions and Tom Cruise’s big boyish grin – just like the typical Tom Cruise comedy/action movie.

It’s fun while it lasts (maybe even more than you might expect), but forgotten just as quick as Roy Miller dispatches half a dozen baddies on a plane. Knight and Day is proof that Hollywood’s two biggest and pearly-whitest smiles alone don’t make a good film without a proper script and direction.

Knight and Day - Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz  Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz 

Knight And Day Movie Trailer

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