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THE TOWN by Ben Affleck


the town - embitterment level - disappointment level

Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) lives in Charlestown, the place with the highest concentration of bank robbers according to the movie. He has inherited his dad’s (Chris Cooper) “business” and works as a professional robber for “Fergie” Colm (Pete Postlethwaite) together with his friends “Jem” Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), “Gloansy” Magloan (Slaine), and “Dez” Elden (Owen Burke).
During one of their robberies, they take bank manager Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) as a hostage, and after her release, Doug meets her and they start a relationship without Claire knowing Doug is one of her kidnappers. With the FBI already on their trails, Doug wants to retire, but “Fergie” won’t let him go before another job.

Good performances all around, the action scenes are more than adequate – this is one of Ben Afflecks finest hours, both as director and actor. But groundbreaking The Town is not, the most obvious comparable movie being Heat – and in this euqation, The Town will always be the little brother.

The Town Movie Trailer

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