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R.E.D. by Robert Schwentke


r.e.d. - embitterment level - disappointment level

The biggest excitement in retired CIA agent Frank Moses’ (Bruce Willis) life is to flirt with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), his customer service agent in his pension office. But that changes when an assassination team tries to off him in his house. He dispatches the assault team and goes to make sure Sarah is safe, and to team up with his old colleagues (Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren). Together they have to find out who wants to kill them and uncover a conspiration.

R.E.D. (for Retired Extremely Dangerous) is proof that Bruce & Co are not “too old for this shit”. R.E.D. is good fun, has lots of action, charm and a great cast – it’s fun while it lasts, but is hardly a classic and will soon be forgotten.

R.E.D. Movie Trailer

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