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FAIR GAME by Doug Liman


fair game- embitterment level - disappointment level

Based on the true story of CIA operative Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts), Fair Game shows what it’s like to be a wife, mother and spy. And what’s it like to fall out of favor with the the authorities when her husband Joe Wilson (Sean Penn) publicly accuses the CIA and the government to have made up the reports of Iraq acquiring uranium for the production of weapons of mass destruction.
With Fair Game, Doug Liman leaves Bourne and Mr & Mrs Smith territory and goes for the real thing. And while there is not as much action in a real spook’s life, there is drama enough to make a good movie. Valerie’s cover is blown, her career destroyed and her marriage is put to test when Joe decides to take on the government and to fight back by going public. Sean Penn of course is perfectly cast as Joe, and his and Naomi Watt’s performances and the gripping story make this a movie you shouldn’t miss.

Fair Game Movie Trailer

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