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MEGAMIND by Tom McGrath


megamind - embitterment level - disappointment level
Megamind (Will Ferrell), a super-intelligent alien, comes to earth on the same day as Metro Man (Brad Pitt). While Metro Man is the born hero, Megamind’s destiny seems to be that of a super villain. Growing up, Megamind is constantly losing against Metro Man – until he finally kills his nemesis. But what is a super villain without a superhero?

Colorful and quite funny, pointlessly in 3D, but not very original, Megamind is fun to watch but has it’s flaws. Megamind hardly offers anything that you don’t have seen in other superhero movies, the plot may be a bit too complicated for the target audience, and while it’s entertaining, there’s something missing. If you want to watch just one animated superhero movie, then make it The Incredibles.

Megamind Movie Trailer

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