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SPAN by Paul Moore

span - excitometer - officially excited!

Span is an independent hard science fiction movie dated after the destruction of humankind on Earth. The generation ship CHARYBDIS is on it’s way to a distant star, the seed of a new humankind in it’s freezing chambers, with a small crew that has one goal: Save Humanity, regardless of the cost. But the crew members are not humans, they are clones with a five year lifespan, condemned to die and be reborn over and over again, until the CHARYBDIS reaches it’s destination.

Sounds a bit like Moon or Sunshine, with some Blade Runner and Alien elements – call me officially excited. I want to see this movie!

You can participate in making this movie and become an associate producer yourself – learn more at indiegogo.

SPAN – Trailer from SpanTheMovie on Vimeo.

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