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PIG by Henry Barrial

pig - embitterment level - disappointment level
A man (Rudolf Martin) wakes up in the desert, a black hood over his head, his hands tied to his back. He is saved by a woman (Heather Ankeny) and her son, and when he recovers he realizes he’s suffering from total amnesia. The only clue to his identity is a scrap of paper with the name Manny Elder on it. He leaves the woman and her son and goes on a journey to discover who he is – or was.

PIG is an independent sci-fi mystery film about who we are – are we the sum of our experiences and memories? Could we live on without our memories? Or would we live like shadows of ourselves, doomed to search for what was lost until we discover the past or die trying?
PIG‘s hero tries to find out who he was, and he meets people who claim to know him, but something feels wrong – like in a David Lynch movie, nothing and nobody is what it seems to be. And why is the Man’s journey starting again, and again, taking a similar, but not exactly the same course every time?
Watch the movie to find the answers!

The Man in the Desert - PIG  PIG - Heather Ankeny 

PIG – The Movie Trailer

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