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OSOMBIE by John Lyde


osombie - embitterment level - disappointment level

Former NYC fireman and conspiracy theorist Derek (Jasen Wade) is out there in Afghanistan to once and for all kill Osama bin Laden who he is convinced is not really dead. His sister Dusty (Eve Mauro) follows him to rescue him and joins a team of US special forces. Together they shoot and slash their way through hordes of undead to find and destroy the source of the zombie infestation.

In Osombie’s memorable opening scenes, we learn that Bin Laden is not really dead, but undead. He infected himself with the zombie virus before being caught, and returned from his grave in the ocean. What follows is a team of US soldier’s plus a yoga instructor’s (Eve Mauro) and her brother’s (Jasen Wade) journey through the zombie-infested Afghanistan desert to the source of the zombie plague. As you would expect, one after the other gets offed by the undead during their march, and dozens and dozens of zombies are put to rest by headshots or Tomboy’s (Danielle Chuchran) katana. What may be a surprise for an independent zombie movie like Osombie are the production values – beautiful photography, decent action choreography, and costums, make-up and special effects on a really cinematic level.
Probably less surprising is the lack of characterization of the troopers which makes you hardly care who gets killed and who will survive. Generally, a bit more funny and sexy would have helped, but to compensate there are scenes reminescent of Quentin Tarantino, like when Tomboy fends off a group of zombies with her sword while her two comrades keep walking and talking and hardly spare a glance at her.
Overall, more action flick with zombies than horror movie (don’t expect any gore except exploding zombie heads), and lacking the sociocritical message of classic zombie movies Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead or the fun of zombie parody Shaun of the Dead.

Osombie - Chip (Corey Sevier) shirtless  Osombie - Danielle Chuchran (Tomboy) 

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